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Johan Kruger Board.jpg

Johan Kruger

CEO of Association Management Solutions (Pty) Ltd

“It has opened more doors, more than what I ever have imagined, especially in the USA and Dubai.”

Johan has more than 20 years of experience in the Residential Community Industry and holds a B Com (UP) degree, the Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM) designation and is a Faculty member of the Community Associations Institute (CAI). He is a Director of Association Management Solutions (AMS), which provides a variety of services to HOA’s and Developers.

Any Advice for future PCAM candidates?

The education landscape in the Community Association Industry is about to change drastically over the 12 months. It will be all for the better, including recognition, professionalism, and quality assurance. Use every opportunity to contribute and to make a difference.

How was your PCAM experience?

I really enjoyed the experience and made many friends all over the world. To be called on stage to receive my certificate was a highlight of my career.

Boet Grobler PCAM.jpg

Boet Grobler

General Manager

“The PCAM designation is the highest level of recognition a Community Manager can obtain and it provides a Community Manager with the expertise and skills to manage every eventuality in a community with a proactive, objective, and clear process achieving the highest standards of professionalism and skill expected by Members and Residents. The ability to interact consistently and effectively comes with experience and skills obtained through a network of peers and other professionals available to tap into to learn from their skills and experiences throughout the world.”

Boet Grobler has been working in the Community Management environment for the last 15+ years and loves the diversity and everyday challenges managing communities bring to the table. Boet has a background in Security and Risk Management. He became the second South African to obtain the PCAM (Professional Community Manager) Designation.

Any advice for future PCAM candidates?

Persist, never give up on your dreams and attend the International Conference if you can as it provides invaluable knowledge and networking opportunities that every Community Manager and the Community you manage will benefit from.

How was your PCAM experience?

 One of the greatest things I have ever done. Met great people and still after many years interact with them regularly and still learn every day from the networking opportunities the industry provides through the structures.

Caeita Grobler Board.jpg

Caieta Grobler

Estate Manager  of the Coves

“Follow your dreams, take the steps necessary to achieve your goals, and carry your achievements with pride.”

Caieta has 15 years of experience in community association management and obtained her Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM) designation via the Community Association Institute (CAI) in 2020. Caieta is also a director on the Community Association Institute of South Africa’s Board of Directors and oversees the communications and social media platforms. Caieta is passionate about the industry and getting community association managers educated and empowered with the tools to successfully fulfill their responsibilities as community managers.

Any Advice for future PCAM candidates?

Work hard and keep pushing forward to achieve your PCAM, this is an internationally recognised designation that will offer many opportunities. Your PCAM will also prove that you carry the knowledge and qualities of a professional manager capable of managing residential estates where people choose to make their biggest and most important investments – A home is not just a structure, it is the place where people love, live and thrive.

How was your PCAM experience?

Very exciting! I attended my PCAM course in Dubai (which I thoroughly enjoyed) and this opened my mind up to community management in a different country with different processes and laws. This forced me to think out of the box and challenge myself to compile my case study. Essentially the basis of community management is the same, but the challenges differ but at the same time not. Seems challenges with pets and parking are universal but when looking at things like infrastructure and security – these aspects differ from country to country.

Shantelle Walters PCAM.jpg

Shantell Walters


“If you want to be successful in what you do and stay motivated, then be committed to your chosen profession and set the highest goals that you can for yourself.”

With almost 30 years of experience in the real estate industry (Residential, Retail, Commercial & Community Management) her career includes holding the position of 2IC at the Gateway Theatre of Shopping for Old Mutual Properties, managing Zimbali Coastal Resort, and managing a portfolio of shopping centres for a listed fund. Shantelle holds a B Comm degree (Finance) and has completed the prestigious Professional Community Manager (PCAM) accreditation through CAI USA. Shantelle is always eager to share her knowledge and experience while challenging the norm, to both uplift fellow colleagues and push the industry to greater heights and credibility.

Any advice for future PCAM candidates?

The PCAM, while sadly not sufficiently recognised in SA at this time, is an indication of your immense commitment to community management and the industry at large.  It changes you as a person, allowing your confidence, knowledge, and passion for community management to garner credibility and professionalism amongst your peers and Board of Directors.  South Africa has so many opportunities for PCAM candidates to make a difference in Estate/Community Management – not many people have been in this industry for too long and so there is a hunger for solid information, guidance, and support in our day-to-day lives at work.  Strive to be the expert and mentor within your community and amongst your peers.

How was your PCAM experience?

I have met life-long friends through my journey to the PCAM, and despite the process being a protracted one for me, I am so grateful to have this certification.  It has definitely opened doors for me and has enhanced my ability and credibility in my current role. While I appreciate this may not be everybody’s goal to have this certificate, for me, however, it was so much more about ensuring I have tried my best to empower myself within my chosen career and be the very best I can be.

Francois Schoeman PCAM_edited_edited.jpg

Francois Schoeman

Partner & Director of Management Company

“The PCAM is an important stepping stone in being distinguished as an expert in the industry.”

Francois Schoeman is a young vibrant polymath, consistently looking to further his knowledge in the Property Industry, with a strong background in Governance and Property Management and Development. His intellectual independence and experience add to his strategic approach to ensure stakeholder inclusivity while ensuring sustainability in the decision-making and strategy implementation process. With transferable in-depth knowledge of the industry, he has a unique understanding of the industry complexities while objectively guiding a Board of Directors.

Any advice for future PCAM candidates?

It's not as difficult as some make it seem, it's within every manager's reach, don’t fear it, chase it!

How was your PCAM experience?

The experience broadened my horizons and helped put RSA Estate Management into perspective. The opportunity to put knowledge into practice on a third-party development not part of your current role, whatever that may be at the time, is a huge leap personally and reminds you to apply the principles daily. I enjoyed seeing how the process, knowledge, and application of the PCAM academic foundation as uniquely transferable irrespective of the type, nature, or location of the development.

Denise Sharp PCAM_edited_edited.jpg

Denise Sharp

Estate Manager


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